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Mechanical Knees

Össur Total Knee® 2100: A highly refined polycentric knee, it feature 3-phase hydraulic swing control designed to withstand the rigors of more active lower extremity amputees. Devised for multi-speed ambulation, higher impact levels, and heavier loads, it offers stability, control, efficiency, and durability. Its low build height is useful for long transfemoral limbs or knee disarticulation.

Össur Total Knee® 2100

Össur Balance Knee OFM1 Polycentric Knee: Proper for users with high safety needs, the knee can be locked, making it applicable for new amputees and those with reduced mobility. Devised with higher ground allowance to encourage a more assured gait, rates of flexion and extension can be modified to the user.

Össur Balance Knee OFM1 Polycentric Knee

Össur Balance Knee OFM2 Braking Knee: Featuring a brake function and a locking lever, this function aids use during the rehabilitation stage. The locked knee joint makes it especially appropriate for first standing and walking exercises.

Össur Balance Knee OFM2 Braking Knee

Ottobock 3R60 Pro: Relief for the back and residual limb due to Ergonomically Balanced Stride (EBS) technology which facilitates controlled knee flexion. The 3R60’s EBS securely provides up to 15 degrees of knee flexion at heel strike. This helps avoid hip hiking and other compensatory movements during the gait cycle. The knee is easily adjusted to suit the user’s individual needs. An innovative hydraulic system controls the behavior of the knee joint during swing phase. For the user, this mainly means can the swing phase can be easily initiated and a wide range of walking speeds used.

Ottobock 3R60 Pro

Ottobock 3R80 Modular Knee with Rotary Hydraulic: With a heavy-duty design, this waterproof unit is fabricated for active amputees who may walk at varying speeds.

Ottobock 3R80 Modular Knee with Rotary Hydraulic

Blatchford KX06: The KX06 is a unique polycentric prosthetic knee with hydraulic swing and stance control. It is designed for the most demanding physical activity of level 3 & 4 users. The geometric and hydraulic combination draws on the best functionality of each to enhance the overall gait smoothness on all terrain. Features include a polycentric knee with hydraulic swing and stance or swing only; 160-degree knee flexion; water resistant design; variable cadence; cylinder flexion lock; and a mode switch for cycling.

Blatchford KX06
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