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Customized Orthotic Solutions

Our practitioners provide orthotic solutions to patients who have weak or injured muscle/skeletal groups.

We specialize in complex cases that require a more intimate fit and increased support through custom orthotic bracing. Our orthotists custom build, or modify, each device specifically for the patient to provide needed support, accommodate anatomical irregularities and enhance patient comfort. Each brace is fine-tuned to address the needs set forth by the doctor, therapist, orthotist and the individual patient. Function, fit and comfort are paramount.

Our lower extremity orthoses include AFOs (ankle foot orthosis) and KAFOs (knee ankle foot orthosis).

There are three main types of AFOs: Solid, Articulating, and Carbon Fiber. Most AFOs rely on total contact fit and proper pressure distribution across the entire covered area.

A solid AFO provides full coverage along the back of the leg and does not allow for any ankle motion. It provides toe clearance as the foot swings and provides complete stability for the foot and ankle. It also helps to control the knee by preventing hyperextension and weakness of the knee and prevents foot drop by blocking plantar flexion, dorsiflexion and varus/valgus deviation of the ankle.

Articulated Plastic AFOs are hinged at the ankle to allow for dorsiflexion and plantar flexion and control the medial/lateral stability at the ankle. They also can be altered to provide dorsi assist or plantar assist/resist or to limit the motion of the ankle joint. These AFOs promote slight flexion at the ankles and knees that contribute to a more fluid and normal gait.

Carbon Fiber AFOs are flexible in the foot and calf areas, designed to accommodate a natural gait and can be created for medial or lateral strut support. Low profile and light weight carbon fiber is ideal for those who need more durable support and sturdier materials.

A KAFO combines the functions of a knee orthosis and an AFO to control the knee during weight-bearing as well asprovide mediolateral ankle stability in stance phase and/or control foot drop during swing phase. It may be used to restrict knee motion to a specific range or eliminate it entirely. A KAFO provides support, corrects alignment, facilitates motion, and protects against injury.

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