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Running Feet

Össur Cheetah Extreme: Designed specifically for the fast, short-distance sprints, the carbon blade features a more extreme curve than the other Cheetahs. This dynamic shape allows the foot to flex more, offering a powerful energy kick. A longer, flatter toe enhances push off, while the plantar-flexed pylon supports better forward progression. The Nike Spike Pad has been designed exclusively for the Cheetah. It provides specialized traction that has been optimized for the blade.

Össur Cheetah Extreme

Fillauer AllPro: The AllPro foot crosses all boundaries, combining high flexibility and dynamic performance into a foot that allows the user to work and play like a pro. Whether walking on a flat surface or traversing steep hills, the AllPro performs to meet the amputee’s multiaxial needs. If exercise or sports are on the activity list, this “do-it-all” foot easily transitions from the gym to the tennis and basketball courts, as well as the soccer, football, and lacrosse fields.

Fillauer AllPro
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