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Waterproof Feet + Knees

Ottobock Aqua Knee: Now you can enjoy salt water, chlorinated water or bath water with this water-resistant knee. It’s small, lightweight and equipped with a miniature hydraulic unit and a lock. Activating the lock allows users to achieve greater stability during the stance phase. When unlocked, dynamic flexion and extension resistances can be adjusted separately from one another for swing phase control as needed. Flood holes to the right and left on the joint body make it possible for the knee joint to flood when in water and facilitate cleaning the joint.

Endolite Aqualimb

Blatchford Aqualimb: The water resistant Aqualimb prosthesis is designed for safe use in showers and wet rooms with an anti-slip tread pattern on the sole. It comes with an integral shin and cosmesis.

Ottobock Aqua Foot

Ottobock Triton Heavy Duty (HD): For challenging conditions at work or play, the Heavy Duty has a higher load limit for very active users. Ottobock recommends the highly robust Heavy Duty for extreme requirements on the job and in leisure activities when it comes into contact with water or moisture or needs to withstand high loads. Corrosion-resistant metal parts and screws make this foot waterproof as well.

Ottobock Triton Heavy Duty (HD)
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