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Electronic Hook Devices

Motion Control ETD: The Motion Control ETD (Electric Terminal Device) measures up to the most demanding wearers. Rugged, functional, and water resistant, it is the preferred choice of hundreds of users. The standard ETD can be used with the Utah Arm or ProControl system and is available with multi-flex Flexion Wrist or the ultra-fast MC Wrist Rotator. The ETD ProHand option features a controller inside the terminal device to interchange with other manufacturers’ systems.

Motion Control ETD

Motion Control ETD2: The ETD2 sets a new standard in compact aesthetic design, while maintaining the rugged functionality of the earlier product. ETD2’s form-follows-function approach provides greater security in many gripping modes, with its sculpted gripping pads for large cylindrical mugs, a broom handle or shovel, or flat surfaces for papers. The soft push tab on the peak of the fingers provides a soft, controlled interface for everyday tasks like pushing elevator buttons. The on-board ProPlus microprocessor allows interchange between nearly all terminal devices, including the practical Motion Control Hand, as well as other brands like i-limb® or bebionic® multi-articulating hands. The smart controller communicates by Bluetooth®, for easy changes by prosthetist and wearers, and patented AutoCal adjustment with a fingertip touch on an iPhone.

Motion Control ETD2
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