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Microprocessor Feet

Össur Proprio Foot: An adaptive microprocessor-controlled ankle for low to moderately active amputees. Motor powered ankle motion increases toe clearance in swing phase by raising the forefoot, reducing the risk of trips and falls. The user can walk naturally and comfortably on a variety of everyday terrain, including level ground, ramps and stairs. The updated Proprio Foot is built on a Pro-Flex LP foundation resulting in increased range of motion. The Proprio Foot can be used with a variety of shoes with different heel heights and split toe or sandal toe options. It is weatherproof and appropriate for use in wet and/or humid environments. However, it is not designed to be submerged or exposed to chlorinated or salt water.

Össur Proprio Foot

BionX emPOWER® Ankle: Formally known as the BioM®, the newly improved microprocessor-controlled ankle from BionX is designed to replace the combined functions of the foot, ankle, and calf regions of the human leg. By mimicking muscles and tendons, the emPOWER allows amputees to walk with a natural gait at their chosen speed, using the same metabolic energy as a non-amputee. The only powered propulsion available lifts and drives the user forward, smoothly transitioning weight to the active limb.

BionX emPOWER® Ankle

Ottobock Meridium: The Meridium prosthetic foot offers a high level of security along with increased adaptability and a more natural motion sequence. The unique 4-axis design with hydraulic real-time control adjusts itself immediately to the user’s walking speed and ground conditions, whether on slopes, stairs or varying terrain. When sitting, the complete foot lowers itself to the floor, which provides relief for the residual limb. Because of its automatic heel height adjustment, the Meridium is suitable for various types of shoes.

Ottobock Meridium
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