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Meet Marjorie!

Marjorie is more than happy that she is a patient of Brian Kelsey. “He gave me my life back,” she said.

She explained that she was seeing a prosthetist from another practice who continually told her she was a difficult case. She was incorrectly fit, causing her constant pain and because she also has issues with grasping, it was labor intensive to don the prosthesis.

“I couldn’t understand why others could put their legs on easily and have more of a life just because they could walk. I’m not talking about wanting to run or jump, I just wanted to walk without difficulty, without pain,  or falling, which I was doing constantly. Eventually I became sedentary and was relying on my wheelchair to move around the house.”

Marjorie decided to go to an online amputee support group to ask if anyone could recommend a prosthetist. “The name Kelsey kept coming up,” she said.

“When I saw Brian, he walked me through the process. He took time to make sure I was fit correctly with a custom Alpha liner from WillowWood, a passive suction socket, and a College Park K2 foot. I don’t remember feeling this great in 10 years,” she said. “He never once said I was difficult; in fact he said I was an easy fit. I almost fainted when I heard that.

“I told him he was a miracle worker, an absolute miracle worker. I’m able to bend over and pick something up from the floor without wondering if I have to hold on to something of if I’m going to fall on my face. I have so much security back in my life.”

Brian also fit Marjorie with a leg she can take to the pool. She has fibromyalgia so pool therapy is very important to her. “Now that I have the water leg I can go to the Y and work out.

“I’m a very young 64. Before Brian, I was a very old 63. Now, I’m always on the go. My family is amazed at the change,” she said.

“I feel good about me again.”

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