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Meet Mr. Boots

He was rescued from Juarez, Mexico, where his hind paws were brutally amputated.

He went through multiple channels and ultimately arrived in Milwaukee. He is currently being fostered at Hoovers Hause All Dog Rescue while he goes through rehab and becomes accustomed to his prostheses.

We were contacted by Mr. Boots’ foster mom about eight weeks ago to see if we would be willing to build him a pair of prostheses that would restore his mobility. This was a first for us, but we were more than willing to try! Two weeks ago, we fit Mr. Boots with his first pair of prostheses, and the results were overwhelming. Mr. Boots’ demeanor changed immediately. His tail began wagging as he zoomed up and down the office hallway.

This is just the first step on Mr. Boots’ journey as he will require multiple sets of prostheses as he continues to grow. We look forward to witnessing and sharing in his progress.

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